Falconry Hunting at Grizzly Island Wildlife Area

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Grizzly Island Wildlife Area in Solano County will be open for falconry hunting of pheasants, rabbits and black-tailed hares this year according to the California Department of Fish and Game. Falconry is the method of using birds of prey to take small game. All falconers must pass an exam, inspections, and meet certain requirements to be licensed by the State.

Falconry hunting will only be allowed on the Grizzly Island Unit Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from February 5, 2003 through February 26, 2003. Hunters are required to self-register in the booth at the wildlife area headquarters. The registration booth is located approximately 10 miles from Highway 12 on Grizzly Island Road in Suisun. There is no daily use fee. A valid California hunting license must be in possession and the Upland Game Bird Stamp is required for the hunting of pheasants.

Areas open for hunting will be shown on a map at the registration booth. Falconry hunt hours for pheasants are sunrise to sunset and falconry hunt hours for rabbits are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

Bag limit for pheasants is three per day, either sex, and six in possession after the first day. There is no limit for jackrabbits (black-tailed hares); for cottontails, the bag limit is five per day, ten in possession after the first day.

For further information, call the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area at (707) 425-3828.