Extra Saskatoon Hunting Licences Available

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Seven hundred Big Game Management Licences are available to people who would like to hunt anterless mule deer and white-tailed deer in the Saskatoon Wildlife Management Zone. The offer is part of a plan to reduce and more effectively manage the deer population in the Saskatoon area.

Anterless deer are does or fawns born in the spring of 2005. The licences cost $20 each and will be valid in the Saskatoon Wildlife Management Zone from December 5th to December 17th, which is after the regular deer season for the area. Hunters may purchase a maximum of two licences each. Each hunter also needs an $11 Wildlife Habitat Certificate. All regular season laws and regulations apply, including only being able to use a bow and arrows, a muzzleloader or a shotgun while hunting in the Saskatoon Wildlife Management Zone. Rifles are prohibited due to the high human population in the area.

The licences are available at the Saskatchewan Environment office in Saskatoon. Landowners are being asked to help hunters reduce the number of deer in the area by allowing hunters access to their land.

The heads of all animals taken in the Saskatoon region while using a Big Game Management Licence must be turned in for testing for Chronic Wasting Disease. Hunters may also turn in the heads of white-tailed deer and mule deer they take at any Saskatchewan Environment office for testing for CWD. There is no charge for the test.