Extra Opportunity for Saskatchewan Hunters

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Hunters who use muzzle-loading rifles and archery equipment to hunt white-tailed deer in the provincial forest and along the forest fringe will get a few more days to do so this year.

The government is assisting some of the members of the province's outfitting industry by extending the closing date of the white-tailed deer muzzle-loading and archery seasons by four days, from October 31st to November 4th. Although the season dates have been in place since 2004, some outfitters mistakenly booked clients to hunt during the period between October 31st, the close of the muzzle-loading and archery seasons and November 6th, the opening of the rifle season.

"We expect the harvest in the provincial forest and along the forest fringe during this period to be minimal so there will be very little impact on our valuable wildlife resource," Environment Minister John Nilson said. "At the same time the change in season dates shows a willingness to help the members of an industry that is important to the province."

This change is for the 2006 year only and will allow for adjustments to be made by the industry to prevent a repetition of this kind of situation.

The change applies to Wildlife Management Zones 48-50 and 53-69 including Greenwater Lake, Meadow Lake, Narrow Hills, Wildcat Hill, Clarence-Steepbank Lakes Provincial Parks, Horsehide Lake Wildlife Management Unit and the Bronson Forest and Round Lake Recreational Sites and will be in effect for 2006 only. It will apply to all hunters using muzzle-loading rifles or archery equipment.