Deployed Dedicated Hunters Can Still Get a Fall Permit

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Members of Utah's Dedicated Hunter program who haven't completed their yearly program requirements because they've been deployed or mobilized for military service in 2003 can still receive a buck deer permit for this fall's hunts.

"To receive their permit, they need to present a copy of their military orders to the Division of Wildlife Resources as soon as possible," said Jo Proctor, coordinator of volunteers for the DWR. "The sooner they do this the better, because we're currently in the process of distributing dedicated hunter general season deer permits to those who have completed the 2003 program requirements."

Some Dedicated Hunter program participants will remain deployed or mobilized for military service during the 2003 general season buck deer hunts, and won't be able to participate in the hunts. They can receive a refund equivalent to one-third of the original cost for their Certificate of Registration in the program by contacting the DWR within one year of the end of the 2003 hunting season authorized by their permit.