Department Seeking Information about Moose Snaring Incidents

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Officials with the Department of Natural Resources are asking for the public’s assistance in apprehending the person or persons responsible for setting snares that have killed several moose in the Trout River area.

Conservation officers have discovered a total of five snared moose in the area. Once snared, the animals were left to die. It is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty the conservation officers have witnessed.

Acting on reports from individuals in the community, conservation officers originally discovered three moose that had been snared and left to rot in a wooded area in close proximity to several houses. All three moose had been snared around the neck. The snares were rigged with the intent to disable or immobilize the moose.

On the same day, conservation officers received another report that a fourth moose appeared to be struggling and unable to move in another wooded area. Conservation officers found the live moose caught by its leg in a snare. Another dead moose was discovered in a snare 100 meters away. 

As conservation officers attempted to free the live moose from the snare, the animal was able to break the rope and free itself. Without the intervention of conservation officers, the animal would have likely starved to death.

Further investigation of the area revealed other snares, several more rotted moose carcasses and skeletons, and older pieces of snares and ropes still attached to trees. The investigation is continuing.

Conservation officers are seeking the public’s assistance to apprehend the person or persons responsible for the indiscriminate killing of these animals in such a brutal and heinous manner. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Western Region Forestry and Wildlife Office at (709) 637-2409, the Pasadena District Forestry and Wildlife Office at (709) 686-2071 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-363-TIPS (8477).

People are also encouraged to report the location of any additional snares or anything unusual.