Department Evaluates 2002 Deer Gun Season

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North Dakota deer hunters had another successful fall, with an overall harvest of 81,500 deer, according to Roger Johnson, big game biologist for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, Devils Lake.

The harvest success rate of 76.2 percent during the 2002 season was one percent lower than in 2001. "We have had high success rates the past two years because of a high deer population," Johnson said, "and second season license holders are filling their tags."

The department issued 20,764 second season licenses last year, with 19,088 hunters harvesting 14,856 deer, a success rate of 77.8 percent.

The 2002 deer gun regular season harvest survey provided the following statistics.

  • The department allocated a record 116,925 deer gun licenses for the 2002 season, compared to 106,350 during 2001.
  • The average hunter spent 3.6 days afield.
  • Overall hunter success for whitetail bucks was 74 percent.
  • Anterless whitetail success was 77.6 percent.
  • Mule deer buck success was 77.9 percent.
  • Mule deer doe success was 81.6 percent.
  • The 81,500 deer harvested during the 2002 regular gun season compared to 77,000 in 2001.
  • Muzzle-loader season success rate was 41.5 percent.
  • Youth deer season hunters had an overall success rate of 78.8 percent, with a 49 percent success rate during the youth-only season.