Delaware Reminds Hunters to Hunt Safely

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With fall leaves and crisper air, hunters head for the woods and marshes with hopes of harvesting ducks, geese, deer and other game as it comes into season – and the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement would like to remind them to hunt safely and legally.

"If you're hunting on private land, make sure you have permission from the property owner. Without permission, the owner is within his rights to report you, and you can be charged with trespassing to hunt, and you could face possible loss of your hunting license," said Enforcement Chief James Graybeal. "And if you're hunting on public land, make sure you know the rules – and follow them," he added, noting the hunter's checklist should include reviewing wildlife area maps showing where hunting is permitted.

Hunters also need to be properly licensed and follow limits, times, dates and locations for different game seasons. For more information on licenses and seasons, please visit or call the Division of Fish and Wildlife at 302-739-9913.

To report concerns or possible violations, please call Fish and Wildlife Enforcement at 302-739-4580 or contact Sgt. Greg Rhodes at 302-542-6102.