Deer Management Plan Comments

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The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is seeking public input on the Draft Virginia Deer Management Plan through June 16, 2006. The Virginia Deer Management Plan, first developed in 1999, is being revised during 2005-06 through the involvement of public stakeholders and deer managers. Because VDGIF's mission is "to serve the needs of the Commonwealth," it is important that the process used to develop and revise the Deer Plan incorporates both public values (e.g., economic, sociological, and political) and biological considerations.

The Virginia Deer Management Plan will guide deer management across the Commonwealth through 2015. This plan describes the history of white-tailed deer management, current status (supply and demand) of the deer resource and management programs, and the future of the deer management program in Virginia. The plan identifies a framework of what needs to be done, how it should be done, and when it should be done.

Guided by the VDGIF mission the Virginia Deer Management Plan includes 4 goals which specify general directions for: (1) deer populations, (2) deer habitat, (3) deer damage, and (4) deer-related recreation. Specific objectives help guide the attainment of each goal. Preferred strategies then clarify how each objective should be achieved, but without delving into the operational details. By clarifying directions for deer management, this plan will assist the VDGIF Board of Directors, VDGIF administrators and staff, and the public in addressing deer issues.

Public input is important! Beginning May 1, 2006, the draft plan will be available at You will be able to review and submit your comments online. Comments may also be sent to Deer Management Plan, VDGIF, P. O. Box 996, Verona, VA 24482. Comments are due June 16, 2006.