Deer Lotteries Held

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More than 31,000 antlerless deer gun licenses are still available after the North Dakota Game and Fish Department recently completed its lottery drawing. These licenses will be issued on a first come, first served basis for hunters who don't already have a license, or for those who want additional licenses, according to Carrie Whitney, licensing supervisor.

Hunters can apply online from the Game and Fish Department's web site, Paper applications will be available by Sept. 9 from game and fish offices, county auditors and license vendors. Hand delivered applications will not be processed at the department while the applicant waits. Residents and nonresidents are eligible to apply.

Hunters are reminded that doe licenses purchased after the first lottery drawing can be used during the archery season with a bow; the deer gun season with a bow, rifle, or muzzle-loader; or during the muzzle-loader season with a muzzle-loader. Hunters must stay in the unit to which the license is assigned.

The regular deer gun season begins at noon Nov. 4 and continues through Nov. 20.