Deer Harvest Data Report Available

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Deer harvest data submitted by registration stations across the state are now available online at the Department of Natural Resources Web site . The new harvest monitoring system will be updated regularly during the remainder of the seasons as stations send in their registration stubs.

Currently there are two tables. One tracks registrations sent in to date from the early (Sept. 17 – Nov. 17) archery season. The second tracks registrations submitted to date from the early (Oct. 27-30) antlerless gun season from both Zone T and CWD units.

Additional tables for the Nov. 19-27 gun deer and muzzleloader and for the late antlerless season (Dec. 8-11) registrations will be added as they are submitted.

“This system provides an accurate view of registrations submitted by stations at a given point in time,” said Brad Koele, assistant state deer and bear ecologist. “These figures represent deer registration stubs we have entered in the database up to the date listed. Totals will change frequently as more data come in allowing hunters to monitor the harvest down to the deer management unit level.”

One important aspect of the tables, officials point out, is the ratio of antlerless to antlered deer. Biologists are asking hunters to strive for a two does to one buck ratio in order to reduce high deer numbers. In seasons to come, this ratio will be an important gauge along with total deer management unit (DMU) populations for determining whether or not a unit will be recommended for Zone T hunts or Earn-a-Buck status.

Koele notes that unlike previous call-in registration counts staged following the opening weekend, at the close of the statewide gun deer hunt, and in the past following the Oct antlerless deer hunt, the numbers provided in the table are accurate representations of what has been registered and submitted with far more detail and accuracy.

“The hunters that have been following the start-up of this new system are very interested in being able to ‘prequalify’ for a buck harvest sticker in units that may go into EAB next season,” says Koele. “With this data system we can track if they harvested and registered an antlerless deer this year and the unit it came from. If that unit becomes EAB in the following year, they’ll already have ‘earned’ their buck authorization.”