Deer and Pronghorn Archery Seasons Open Sept. 2

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North Dakota's deer and pronghorn archery seasons open Friday, Sept. 2 at noon. Hunters should refer to the 2005 deer and pronghorn hunting guides for season information and regulations.

Hunters are reminded of new baiting restrictions, and bow and arrow specifications.

Baiting is now prohibited on all North Dakota Game and Fish Department wildlife management areas. Baiting is defined as the placement and/or use of bait for attracting big game and other wildlife to a specific location for the purpose of hunting.

A compound bow must have at least 35 pounds of draw or pull at 28 inches or less draw length. Recurve and long bows must have at least 35 pounds of draw or pull at 28 inches.

Arrows must be at least 24 inches in length, tipped with a metal broadhead, with at least two sharp cutting edges, and have a cutting diameter of at least three-fourths of an inch. Broadheads with mechanical or retractable blades are legal.

The pronghorn archery season is open through Oct. 9, while the archery deer season is open through Jan. 1, 2006.