Controlled Hunt Apps Available

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It is that time of year again – time for hunters to submit their applications for the 2003 Controlled Hunts. Hunters can now apply over the internet 24 hours a day by logging onto Not only can hunters save a stamp by applying online, they can also confirm that their application has been received as soon as they apply.

This year’s Controlled Hunts booklets are also available at hunting and fishing license dealers located throughout the state.

Applicants have until May 2, 2003 to turn in their applications. Administered by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the Controlled Hunts Program offers a wide variety of highly desirable hunts through a random drawing. Some hunts are held to provide high-quality hunting experiences on high-profile areas where it is necessary to regulate hunting pressure. Others are held to achieve management goals for certain species, and others are held to provide hunting experiences in areas where access is otherwise limited.

A $5 fee is required of all applicants including lifetime hunting or lifetime combination license holders and that fee is good for all 2003 Controlled hunts application for one individual. Since the fee is per person and not per application, hunters should decide to apply for all their hunt categories either by mail or online, but not both. Hunters who choose to mail in their applications must complete the processing fee payment form on page 20 of the controlled hunts booklet. Payment can be made by the following methods: cashier's check, money order or credit card.

For complete application instructions, including tips on enhancing your chances of being selected, consult the Oklahoma Controlled Hunts 2003 booklet or log on to