Consider Less Aggressive ATV Tires

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In an effort to reduce the impact and lessen damage to sensitive soils from all-terrain vehicle use, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is asking ATV operators to consider using tires with less aggressive tread designs.

Materials for the new DNR ATV safety training course due to be released this July will include a section on reducing environmental damage through the use of tires with less aggressive tread patterns, according to Capt. Jeff Thielen, DNR Enforcement Education Program coordinator.

“In considering what type of tire is needed for your ATV, ask yourself where most of your riding will take place,” Thielen suggested. “If the terrain you will be driving on is limited to hard pack and some hill climbing, tires with more of a ‘turf’ tread pattern will probably suffice. In fact, many machines with turf tires will keep up with machines with much more aggressive tires in all but the muddiest and sandiest conditions.

“Discussions with industry representatives and with dealers tell us that aggressive tire designs help sell machines. However, those same representatives tell us that most people will never be in a situation where they need tires with aggressive tread patterns," Thielen said.

Riders who choose to use a tire with a more aggressive tread pattern can still reduce or eliminate a great deal of soil disturbance and damage by easing up on the throttle in areas subject to damage and erosion.