Commissioners Set Spring Turkey Season

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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioners set the 2006 spring wild turkey hunting season and addressed a number of other issues at an October 27 meeting in Beatrice.

The commissioners approved a staff recommendation to eliminate the spring shotgun turkey units and make all shotgun permits valid statewide. Hunters will now be able to purchase up to two shotgun permits and hunt anywhere in the state instead of the previous restriction that allowed only one permit for turkey hunting east of U.S. Highway 81.

The spring archery season will be March 25 – May 21 and the shotgun season will be April 15 – May 21. Youths 12 – 15 years old can purchase a youth permit that is valid during both the archery and shotgun season and also allows them to hunt during the youth shotgun season, April 8 – April 14. Hunters may obtain a total of two spring turkey permits in a given year, either two archery permits, two shotgun permits, or one of each. Hunters may take one male or bearded female turkey per permit.