Commission Changes License Fees

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The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission approved several fee changes at a public hearing in Topeka Thursday, March 16th.

The commission approved increases in fees for resident hunt-own-land deer, antelope and elk permits to the same level as resident landowner/tenant deer ($15), antelope ($20), and elk ($50) permits. Nonresident hunt-own-land deer permits were set at $75, nonresident antlerless deer permits at $75, and nonresident archery antelope permits at $200. (A department proposal to open archery antelope to nonresident hunting will be presented at a public hearing April 27 in Junction City.)

The commission also approved an increase in the cost of duplicate boat registrations to $10, to conform to the cost of other duplicate issuances of the department.

In other public hearing action, the commission approved the addition of the Fort Leavenworth subunit to the urban deer management unit. KDWP big game project leader Lloyd Fox told the commission the change would allow greater flexibility and opportunity in managing the deer population on Fort Leavenworth, since the urban unit offers additional deer hunting opportunity compared with the rest of the state’s deer management units.