Comments Sought on Nonresident Elk and Deer License Fees

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The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is seeking public comment on the proposed annual rule that will set the prices for outfitter-sponsored nonresident elk and deer hunting licenses in 2003. Commissioners tentatively adopted the rule in September. Oct. 28 is the deadline for public comment.

The proposed license fees for both the outfitter sponsored big game and the elk combination licenses would go down by $50. Fees for the general nonresident big game, elk and deer combination licenses and for the landowner-sponsored deer combination license would remain unchanged.


2003 Price

Number To Be Sold

General Public*

(Includes a non-refundable $3 drawing fee)

Big Game Combination


Elk Combination



Deer Combination



Outfitter Sponsor (Market Based)**

Big Game Combination


Elk Combination

$ 950


Deer Combination

$ 775


Landowner Sponsor***

(Includes a non-refundable $3 drawing fee, if a drawing is necessary)

Deer Combination

$ 328


*The big game combination license includes elk, deer A, upland game bird, fishing and conservations licenses;

**The elk combination license includes elk, upland game bird, fishing and conservation licenses; and

***The deer combination license includes deer A, upland game bird, fishing and conservation licenses

License fees charged to hunters who have booked a licensed Montana outfitter are set at a market rate to sell a combined average of 5,500 outfitter-sponsored big game and elk combination licenses and 2,300 outfitter-sponsored deer combination licenses each year, over a five-year period. These licenses are guaranteed to hunters who are sponsored by a licensed Montana outfitter.

For 2003, the target for sales of outfitter-sponsored deer combination licenses is 2,300, down 265 from 2002. The 2003 target for outfitter sponsored elk combination licenses is 5,500, up 100 from 2002. The adjustments will help meet the five-year targeted average for sales set by the Montana Legislature.

The revenue generated by these market-based licenses funds the bulk of the very successful Block Management Hunter Access Program. This program offers public hunting access to over 8.6 million acres enrolled by landowners.

To request copies of the proposed license rule, contact FWP's Licensing office in Helena at 406-444-2950, or go to the FWP web site at under Public Notices. Comments on the proposed rule should be sent to the FWP Special Licensing Section, 1420 East Sixth, P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701, or e-mailed to: [email protected]. by Oct. 28.