Comments On Proposed 2006-07 Hunting Season Rules

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The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is providing an Internet option for those wishing to comment on the proposed 2006-07 Hunting Season Rules and Regulations.

Details on the seasonal rules and regulations will be discussed in a series of nine statewide public meetings beginning March 13 and running through March 30. Additionally, the public can provide comment to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission at their April 6 monthly meeting in Baton Rouge. The department is soliciting public comment in advance of the May 4 commission meeting when final approval will be given. Any changes to the proposed rules and regulations for 2006-07 will also apply to the 2007-08 hunting season.

For hunters unable to attend any of the public hearings, comments can be made through the LDWF's Web site at To view the full document containing the proposed dates, seasonal rules and regulations, click on "WHAT's NEW" on the LDWF home page. An on-line comment form is provided, as well as the full schedule of the public meetings.

LDWF's Wildlife Division is specifically interested in the opinions of resident hunting license holders, resident hunters (ages 60 and older, license exempt) and resident hunters (ages 15 and younger, license exempt).

The department and commission will review comments from hunters in advance of the May 4 meeting.

For more information, contact Jimmy Anthony at 225-765-2347 or [email protected].