Colorado Big Game Access Program Approval

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The Colorado Wildlife Commission met Thursday in Denver and voted to approve regulations to implement a Big Game Access Program in southeastern Colorado. Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) staff and the Commission will continue to work with interested members of the public to develop the program. For more information on the program please visit: http://

The Commission also approved annual changes to the big game regulations. Each January the Commission finalizes annual changes to the big game regulations, with the exception of license numbers for bear, deer, elk, pronghorn and moose which will be finalized in May.

Included with this action were several changes to the Landowner Preference System. With the changes, the transfer of any license voucher by a landowner must include hunting access to the landowner's property. Vouchers will now only be allowed to be transferred one time and will only be transferred from the landowner to the hunter that will use the voucher to purchase the license. Third party brokering of landowner vouchers will not be permitted and violations of these changes will invalidate the voucher and any license purchased with it, and could result in a suspension from the program for up to five years.

Other changes to the big game regulations include giving the Director of the DOW the ability to make additional Youth Outreach Program deer, elk and pronghorn licenses available to qualified organizations sponsoring youth hunting activities. The Director may also issue additional deer, elk, pronghorn, mountain lion and black bear licenses to individuals between the ages of 12 and 21 who have a terminal illness or life threatening disease or injury.