Check Station Notice

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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game reminds all hunters and anglers, successful or not, that they must stop at all check stations they encounter.

"Whether they're successful or not, they are required to stop," said Mark Hill, District Conservation based in Lewiston. "It takes just a few minutes and the information collected is critical in future management of wildlife."

Each year, many hunters and anglers fail to stop at check stations because they were not successful on that specific trip. Most see the signs, but think they don't apply to them and continue on the way home. However, failure to stop is breaking the law and a citation can be issued.

IDFG operates two types of check stations, with management stations being the most often utilized. Here, biologists interview hunters and anglers to determine harvest rates and distribution of hunters or anglers. Biological information is also collected to evaluate the age, size and physical condition of the harvested game.

Impromptu enforcement check stations are usually conducted on less traveled roads and may be set up at any time of day or night. Here, conservation officers interview hunters and anglers to check for law compliance.

Besides the collection of critical information, check stations provide an opportunity for exchange between the public and the Department. This may include information on illegal activities, observations on habitat or road conditions, or suggestions for changes in management. The public is also encouraged to ask why certain regulations or management have been implemented.