Changes Made for 2006 Nova Scotia Hunting Season

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Changes that will allow young people a special two-day hunt for deer, that require the marking of traps and that will allow fur harvesters to continue to trap a member of the mink family are among the 2006 hunting regulations that were announced Aug. 25.

Under the new rules, fur harvesters can again retain one fisher (a member of the weasel family) if the animal is taken accidentally in a trap targeting another species. The rule follows a successful trap and transfer program for fisher over the last several years. The carcasses of the fisher must be delivered to the Department of Natural Resources for biological analysis.

"This program to expand the range of fisher in the province was a collaborative effort of the Trappers Association of Nova Scotia and the Department of Natural Resources", said David Morse, Minister of Natural Resources. "I am pleased with this co-operation and look forward to future joint conservation efforts."

A requirement for marking traps used for harvesting fur-bearing animals comes into effect on Sunday, Oct. 15. Traps must be marked using either the person's Wildlife Resources Card number or, with permission of their local Natural Resource's office, their old fur harvester code number.

A new two-day youth hunt for deer will be held on, Friday Oct. 20 and Saturday, Oct. 21, one week before the general open season for hunting deer. Hunters who are 16 or 17 years of age, have completed the appropriate safety training, are accompanied by a qualified adult, and have a deer hunting license are eligible to participate.

"This new season is an excellent opportunity to provide a quality hunting experience for young hunters," said Tony Rodgers, executive director of the Federation of Anglers and Hunters. "This was a recommendation from our federation to try and promote interest in hunting among our youth and I am excited to see it realized."

As a result of continued high deer populations in southern Lunenburg County, the 750 winners of the antlerless deer draw in zone 2A will receive a bonus stamp. This will allow them to take two deer -- an antlerless deer within zone 2A, and an antlered deer anywhere in the province where deer hunting is permitted.

A summary of all hunting rules is available in the 2006 Nova Scotia Hunting and Furharvesting summary of Regulations, which is provided to all purchasers of hunting licenses. It may also be found at