Buy Your Deer & Elk Tags Early

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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is asking sportsmen to purchase their deer and elk tag early to avoid the last-minute rush.

"It's just better for everyone, especially the hunters," said Sally Rose, Magic Valley Region Administrative Assistant. "Every year we have the same thing happen, sportsmen heading to the mountain stop to buy their license and tags on the way out of town. Because so many people are trying to access the computer system all at once, it slows down and sometimes crashes. It is definitely not fun for the hunters or the people that are trying to sell the tags and licenses."

An adult general season deer can be purchased for $19.75, with the adult elk tag selling for $30.75. A hunting license is also needed and can be purchased for $12.75. Youth age 17 and under, and seniors age 65 and older can purchase tags and licenses at a reduced price.

For more information, call 324-4359.