Buck Permits Available from Hunting License Agents

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The days of being able to buy a buck deer permit from a hunting license agent in Utah are back.

Beginning at 7:30 a.m. on July 17, hunters may purchase buck deer permits for this fall's general season hunts from at least 33 license agents in the state. Additional agents will be added as July 17 approaches. Hunters can learn which agents are selling permits on this Web site or the nearest DWR office.

In addition to the agents, hunters may also purchase permits at the DWR Web site and DWR offices beginning July 17. Wildlife officials are waiting for the results of Utah's second big game draw, but believe statewide general archery and Northern and Northeastern region rifle and muzzleloader permits should still be available for hunters to purchase beginning that day.

The 33 agents are the first to be connected to the DWR's new Agent-On-Line system. The system allows agents to log onto the DWR's secured Internet site and sell buck deer permits.

"We're excited to provide this service to hunters," said Judi Tutorow, wildlife licensing coordinator for the DWR. "If they'll take advantage of the opportunity, the days of having to come to a DWR office and wait in long lines should be over.

"Hunting license agents haven't been allowed to sell buck deer permits since 2000 because we didn't have an effective way to track the number of permits they were selling," she said. "Permits were being oversold in most regions and too many hunters were being put in the field. This system takes care of that problem by providing us with up-to-the-minute permit information."

For more information, call the nearest Division of Wildlife Resources office or the DWR's Salt Lake City office at (801) 538-4700.