Buck Knives Introduces PakLite Field Dressing Kit

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Developed by hunters to provide other hunters with the essential field dressing kit they need, all in a specially designed versatile compact sheath, the PakLite Field Master kit is the newest lightweight addition to the Buck Knives broad line of hunting gear.

With a total weight of only 12 ounces, it's like having three knives conveniently on your hip for the weight of only one. This new kit combines three skeletal Buck PakLite knives: a 3-1/2" skinning blade, a 2-1/2" modified caping blade and a 4" independent guthook. All are made of Buck's time-tested 420HC stainless steel, perfected in Buck's unequaled heat-treat process to an ideal Rockwell hardness of 58 for optimal strength, edge retention, corrosion-resistance and hardness.

The unique sheath is heavy-duty nylon, with a retention strap to hold all three knives in place, and an adjustable belt strap on the back. It has two handy zippered storage pockets to keep your licenses and other necessities safe, secure and easily accessible. The sheath is kept firmly locked closed with a quick-release buckle.

As an important added feature, the liners for each knife can be removed for washing and disinfecting. The sheath itself can be washed in soap and water to clean and de-scent it for the next hunt. The complete Model 141 Buck PakLite Field Master set, made in the USA and backed by Buck's Forever Warranty, has an MSRP of $85.


hunter25's picture

Sounds like another great

Sounds like another great product from Buck knives. Everybody in my family is currently carrying a Buck of some form or another. We all carry fixed blade knives right now but I will give these a look. I have never gotten into the gut hook type blades as they just seemed inconvenient and bulky. Maybe this new product will put them in a new light for me. As I said I will check this out and see if it's something we will find useful. If not us then I'm sure it will be the perfect system foe someone out there.

Thank you to Buck for decades of service with our family.

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Sounds Great

This sounds like another great offer from Buck.  I have had several (and still do) Buck knives over the years and they all have proved to stand the test of time and perform well.  This multi-tool concept has been around for a while but I'm sure Buck has perfected it a bit more even.  If it's successful, I hope they stick with it. 

Years ago I bought a Buck Selector knife.  It's a folding knife that comes in a sheath.  You have the option of switching the blade in a matter of seconds.  They came out with a number of useful blades and at a price that was affordable.  I guess it served the same purpose as this new system.  Unfortunately, for some reason, Buck discontinues this knife.  You can still find them on eBay but the price is going out of sight.  They were a quality knife and a great concept.... why did Buck discontinue them?  I bought several when they were available for my kids and grand-kids, but unless you find the blades privately, you can't get them anymore.  What a shame!

I will look forward to seeing this new system by Buck.  In my opinion, they are one of the best "production" knives on the market.

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sounds good

Sounds like a good product if you already have a saw in your pack or don't need to quarter your game until you get home.  All they are lacking is a bone saw to make it a complete package.  I'll be holding out my knife shopping dollars until I get one with a decent saw included.  Thanks for the information though.



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Sounds like a real nive set

Sounds like a real nive set up.  That is always one thing that adds alot of weight is the knifes and saws to have to lug around.  maybe finally someomne has come up with a new tool that will cure all that...Nice Work Buck Knives!!

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Sounds like a pretty good set

Sounds like a pretty good set of knives. i have the outdoor edge butcher set. I like them so far. When i pack into the woods i will take 3 of them with me, i put them in a sheath very similar to the one in the story. I think when it comes time for a new set i will look into the buck pac lites. I have always liked buck knives.