Black Hills Mountain Lion Hunters Survey

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A majority of the hunters surveyed as part of South Dakota’s first mountain lion hunting season indicated satisfaction with the season.

Results from a Game, Fish and Parks survey of license indicate most hunters were satisfied with the mountain lion season as conducted, even though 43 percent of the license holders did not get to hunt, and only 1 percent of those that hunted were successful.

All Black Hills mountain lion license holders (2,294) were sent a survey and 88 percent returned a completed form.

Of the hunters that spent time hunting for mountain lions, 46 percent saw tracks or lion sign and 14 percent saw a lion. For the 43 percent who did not hunt mountain lions, 85 percent said they did not hunt because the season ended before they had a chance.

For those that did not hunt mountain lions, 62 percent were satisfied (18 percent neutral and 20 percent dissatisfied) and for those that did hunt, but were unsuccessful, 74 percent were satisfied.

When asked about their interest in having another opportunity to hunt mountain lions in South Dakota, 84 percent said they were very interested; 13 percent moderately interested, 3 percent slightly interested and only 0.5 percent indicated they were not interested.