Big Game Management Licences Available

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Saskatchewan Environment is offering approximately 500 Big Game Management Licences to people who would like to hunt antlerless white-tailed deer in southeast Saskatchewan. Antlerless deer are does or young animals born this past spring.

The offer is part of a plan to reduce and more effectively manage the white-tailed deer population in the area.

The Big Game Management Licences cost $20 each and will only be valid in the rural municipalities of Argyle, Enniskillen, Storthoaks and Reciprocity.

Hunters may purchase two licences at a time. More licences may be purchased, but only after the first two have been filled. Each hunter also needs an $11 Wildlife Habitat Certificate.

The Big Game Management Licence is valid during the muzzleloader and rifle white-tailed deer seasons.

They can be purchased at Oxbow Fine Foods in Oxbow, Westend Convenience Store in Carnduff, A&H Farm Supplies in Gainsborough and Centre Street Groceries in Alida.

Hunters may turn in the heads of all white-tailed and mule deer to any Saskatchewan Environment Office for testing for Chronic Wasting Disease. There is no charge for the test.