Big Game Bonus Point System Extended

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The big game license drawing bonus point system has been expanded to include special deer and elk permits, and deer B, antelope and swan licenses. The bonus point system has been in place since 2001 for the nonresident combination license and resident and nonresident moose, sheep and goat license drawings.

Expanding the bonus point system increases an individual’s chances of success when participating in the special deer and elk, deer B, antelope and swan license drawings. To participate, resident hunters must pay $2 and nonresidents $20.

Applicants will obtain a bonus point and an additional chance in future drawings only if they are unsuccessful in their first choice for a species in the drawing.

Questions on the system can be directed by email to: [email protected] or by mail to: FWP, Attn: Wayne Johnston, 1420 6th Ave., P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT, 59620-0701.