Arizona Elk and Pronghorn Applications Due Feb. 8th

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Hunters seeking a chance to hunt Arizona's coveted elk or pronghorn antelope are running out of time to submit a paper application to the Arizona Game and Fish Department for a chance at the limited permits issued through the drawing process.

The deadline to submit an application is Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011 by 7 p.m. (MST) - postmarks do not count. There is no online application process.

To apply, pick up a copy of the Arizona 2011 Pronghorn Antelope and Elk regulations, an application form and envelope. Detailed, step-by-step instructions for filling out the application can be found on pages 8-12 of the regulations.

When making your hunt number choice, Game and Fish offers these suggestions

"'A common question we get is, 'What area should I put in for?'" said Big Game Supervisor, Amber Munig. "All hunt areas provide a chance to harvest an animal. Choosing a hunt area is a personal choice that involves deciding what level of chance you are comfortable with."

Munig suggests reviewing the Hunt Arizona 2010: Survey, Harvest and Draw Data booklet and select the hunts that provide the best odds for you. For some, that need is the best chance of getting a permit versus hunt success, for others, it is best odds of harvesting an animal.

However, remember demand far outweighs supply. Last year, more than 115,000 hunters applied for 27,633 total elk and antelope permits available. There are 24,263 elk permits and 874 antelope permits (25,137 combined total) available for 2011.

The big game draw page at is your one-stop-portal to apply for elk, antelope and other big game permits. Here you will find the three main big game regulations, the associated drawing cycles/deadlines, the Hunt Arizona 2010: Survey, Harvest and Draw Data booklet, drawing results, bonus points, application form, and any leftover hunt permit-tags from past drawings.

All applications must be submitted either by U.S. mail to Arizona Game and Fish Department Draw Department P.O. Box 74020, Phoenix, AZ 85087-1052, or hand-delivered to any Game and Fish office in Pinetop, Flagstaff, Kingman, Yuma, Tucson, Mesa or Phoenix.

Printed copies of the regulations and application are also available from any of the seven Game and Fish offices and more than 300 license dealers across the state.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department does not receive any of the state's general funds to operate. Wildlife conservation and management of the state's game animals, which also benefits many non-game species, is made possible through the direct sale of hunting and fishing licenses, big game tags, and matching funds from the Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act, a federal excise tax that sportsmen pay on certain related equipment.


AlpineClimber's picture

We drew 3 Elk Tags

Wife drew late 3A/3C Bull, Business Partner drew late 1/2B/2C Bull and my son drew a late Blackpowder Cow Tag in 3B.  4 of us got skunked, but at least we get to rack up some bonus points.

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I chose not to apply in

I chose not to apply in Arizona again this year as I just don't have enough funds to try everywhere and without being sure if I could go after javelina later it just was not worth having to pay for the hunting license that you need to get into the draw. Arizona is a great state with a lot of trphy animals but the odds of getting the good tags are just not good enough for me to spend that money every year. Now if I was planning to start something like an annual javelina hunt like some of the guys here do it would then be worth it to apply for everything.