Archery in the Schools Program Comes to Colorado

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The Colorado Archery in the Schools Program (CASP) is a new program that will be implemented in middle and high schools physical education classrooms throughout the state. After a successful pilot program with 11 schools, the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) who sponsors the program recently received approval to expand the program statewide. Physical education teachers at participating schools will receive training to teach archery to their students as a unit in their classrooms.

Thirty five states already run similar programs, and praise for Archery in the Schools has been overwhelming. The benefits of implementing this novel unit into physical education curriculum are numerous. The main benefit is that kids of all shapes, sizes and ability levels can participate and be successful. Archery also fosters a sense of accomplishment and self-discipline, and teachers are reporting that behavior and attendance improves with the program. Physical education teachers from pilot schools in Colorado have rated the program highly and school leadership is supportive of the program.

Jeff Perry, Superintendent of West Grand School District in Kremling, is just one of the educators that have experienced the program�s positive effects on their students. One particular student with discipline problems changed for the better due to the program. As the student discovered his talent for archery, he told Perry that �he was tired of getting into trouble and that he needed to change so he could continue to participate in the program.� This is just one of the many testimonials reporting the benefits that students receive from participating in archery.

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) provides a template for the program as well as curriculum, gear and inspiration. The DOW hopes to assist many schools across the state in starting up archery in their physical education classrooms.

For more information on the CASP program and how it can be implemented in your school, visit the website at or contact Jim Bulger, CASP Coordinator at 303-291-7248.