Archery Antelope Season Opens August 16th

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South Dakota’s archery antelope season will begin Saturday, Aug. 16, and remain open through Oct. 31 in those areas of the state with a firearms antelope season. However hunters are reminded that this season is closed during the firearms antelope season.

"The state’s firearms antelope season is open Oct. 4-12, so those hunting antelope with an archery license will have to set down the bow and arrow for a few days," said Regional Game Manager Andy Lindbloom of Pierre. "This is primarily a safety issue. Archers are not required to wear blaze orange, and it is safer to not have them hidden in the field while the firearms antelope hunters are active. Antelope archers can get back in the field on Monday, Oct. 13."

Lindbloom also reminds archery hunters about the new archery equipment restrictions set earlier this year. New modifications include:

1) Prohibit use of a bow with an arrow rest that has more than 3 inches of continuous contact with the arrow.

2) Prohibit electronic, bow-mounted devices that aid in the taking of game.

3) Prohibit electronically-aided releases of any kind.

4) Modify broadhead restrictions to provide that broadheads must be made of metal, be at least 7/8 inch wide and must have at least two cutting edges with a combined cutting edge length that must be at least as long as the broadhead is wide.

5) Prohibit use of points or broadheads that are hydraulic, pneumatic or explosive.

6) Prohibit use of arrow and attached broadhead that together weigh less than 275 grains for all big game hunting.

7) Prohibit the use of mechanical broadheads for elk and prohibit the use of mechanical broadheads with a cutting diameter greater than 1 7/8 inches for other big game.

8) Prohibit compound bows that have more than an 80 percent let off.

9) Prohibit bows that are shorter than 28 inches, axle to axle.

Shooting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.