Antlerless Deer License Process to Change

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In conjunction with the preliminary approval of proposed Wildlife Management Units, the Board of Pennsylvania Game Commissioners also proposed new regulations for issuing antlerless deer licenses.

The 22 proposed Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) are made up of all, or parts of multiple counties.

County treasurers will continue to issue the actual licenses as required by law. However, the initial application process will start with all hunters applying by mail directly to the Game Commission in Harrisburg.

The Game Commission will establish the number of antlerless deer licenses allocated to each WMU. Licenses will be distributed among county treasurers for issuance on the basis of the percentage of land area each county represents in the unit.

The Game Commission will accept applications on a first-come served basis without restriction or regard to the applicant's county of residence.

Applications received by first class mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to the Game Commission's Harrisburg headquarters will be examined, unopened, to determine the number of applications received as well as to verify delivery to the intended WMU. It will be unlawful for a county treasurer to accept an antlerless deer license application other than from the Commission.

With the exception of mailing all applications directly to the Game Commission in Harrisburg, most other aspects of the antlerless deer license application process remain unchanged.

The Commission will not accept antlerless deer license applications from state residents prior to Aug. 4, 2003. Applications must be legibly completed and must be mailed in the official envelope provided with a general hunting license. Up to three separate applications may be mailed in the same envelope and the appropriate number on the front of the envelope circled. The return portion of the envelope must contain return first class postage and be self-addressed.

Nonresident hunters may apply for antlerless licenses through the mail to the Game Commission on Aug. 18. The "unsold" antlerless license process would start on Aug. 25. Over-the-counter sales at county treasurer's offices in WMUs 2B and 5D also will begin on Aug. 25.

An individual whose application is rejected and returned may obtain a new official envelope from a license issuing agent and reapply to a WMU with licenses remaining in its allocation.