Amendments Added to 2006-07 Hunting Seasons

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The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC) passed two more amendments to the 2006-07 Hunting Seasons and Regulations Notice of Intent at their March meeting.

Acting on a recommendation from the Deer/Dog task force, the LWFC reaffirmed its support of hunting deer with dogs across the state, while stipulating that it will be unlawful to hunt deer with dogs on state owned lands administered through the State Lands Office. This amendment to the notice of intent for rules and regulations governing resident small game and deer for the 2006-08 hunting seasons will now be open for public comment until May 4.

The LWFC also changed the original bobcat hunting amendment that was added to the notice of intent at last month’s meeting. The original amendment stated that big game license holders would be able to hunt bobcats year round with a two-bobcat limit per calendar year. The changed amendment would allow big game license holders to take one bobcat per calendar year while still allowing the yearlong season.

Public hearings about these amendments and other issues pertaining to the 2006-07 Hunting Season and Regulations Notice of Intent will be held across the state from March 13-30. For more information on these meeting dates, please visit LDWF’s Web site at and then click on the "Public Meeting Schedule" link under the "What's New" heading.

Public comment on these amendments can also be accepted at the LWFC's April 6 and May 4 meetings held in Baton Rouge. People may also submit written comments about the proposed notice of intent until May 4 to David Moreland, Administrator, Wildlife Division, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, P.O. Box 98000, Baton Rouge, LA 70898.

The LWFC will vote for adoption of the 2006-07 Hunting Seasons and Regulations at their May 4 meeting.