Alberta Hunting Guide Available to Plan for Fall Season

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Hunters may want to highlight August 1 on their calendars-that's when hunting licences go on sale for the coming season. Copies of the 2006 Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations are being delivered now to licence vendors and fish and wildlife offices so hunters can plan their outdoor adventures.

"Hunting is a large part of Alberta's heritage, and it contributes significantly to our provincial economy," Alberta Sustainable Resource Development's Minister David Coutts said.

"Hunters also play a key role in wildlife management and conservation," noted the Minister, emphasizing "for example, our efforts to manage deer numbers in areas of high vehicle collisions rely on hunter assistance."

About 100,000 hunters continue to enjoy a wide range of game hunting opportunities in the province every year. In 2005, a total of over 460,000 different licences were sold to hunters, an increase of nearly 5,000 over 2004. About 150 different licence options give hunters the opportunity to select the exact type of hunting and quality outdoor experience that they are looking for.

Hunters have more options than ever this year including increased hunting allowances for moose, elk and deer. Pheasant hunting has been extended in some areas, and turkey hunting is available in more locations. Sunday hunting for waterfowl is also now available in the Peace River area.

Minister Coutts urged hunters to hunt safely and responsibly, and to be especially careful when in bear country. A "BearSmart" checklist of safety tips for hunters has been prepared by Sustainable Resource Development to help identify what to do in the field, including after a kill. The checklist can be found in the hunting guide or on the BearSmart web page online at

Sustainable Resource Development reminds hunters to get permission for access where required, and to become familiar with the regulations in the 2006 Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations.