Alaska Has Surplus Interior Moose Hunts Available

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Surplus drawing permits for moose hunting in Interior Alaska will be issued on a first come-first served basis to hunters whose faxed applications are received at the Fairbanks Fish and Game office. The application deadline is June 10 at 5:00 pm Alaska time.

Permit applications are available from any Fish and Game office, and on the internet at, but the website does not allow hunters to apply online at this time. Applications must be faxed to the Fish and Game office in Fairbanks at (907) 459-7332. Hunters must complete and sign the application themselves.

"Drawing permits are usually issued by random lottery, but we received fewer applications for these particular hunts this year, so not all of the permits were awarded," said Management Biologist Doreen Parker McNeill. "The Board of Game allows us to decide whether or not to issue unused permits, and this year we will again make them available."

Some of the permits are reserved by regulation for guided nonresident hunters. Guide–client agreements must be in place prior to applying for these permits.

McNeill cautioned hunters that getting to the hunt areas can be difficult and expensive. Antler restrictions, requirements to leave meat on the bone, and other limiting conditions apply in most of these hunts. "It's a good idea to read the specific hunt conditions and season dates before applying," she said. For example, permits available for the eastern headwaters of Unit 20B is for hunters using muzzleloading firearms only. Hunters should understand accessibility limitations before applying for these hunt areas. Specific information for these hunts can be found in the “2010–2011 Alaska Winter Drawing Permit Hunt Supplement” available at Fish and Game offices and online at "" under "Undersubscribed Draw permits available in Interior," or go directly to " dfg=huntlicense.undersubscribed." Hunters with questions about the application process for these hunts can call (907) 459-7272.


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Although I would love to go

Although I would love to go and hunt moose someday I don't think these permits are ones I'm going to run and try to get. Like the article said I'm sure the expense involved and the work to get it done are very much on the high side.

I don't think these permits are because of an increase in the herd size but merely because of a lower lack of applicants as the article said. I don't know if this is econemy related or few guys willing to go the extra mile for these difficult types of hunts.

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This is a wonderful trend for moose hunting!

Thanks for sharing the information.  I don’t really understand their idea that a guide must be required and an agreement in place before even applying let alone hunting and I don’t know as I can take advantage of it this year anyway -  but it is good to know that more moose permits are being made available across the continent.  First New Brunswick increased the number of permits available and now this from the state of Alaska.  This is a wonderful trend  for moose hunting! 


I hope that the moose population continues to soar and that there are more and more moose hunting opportunities in years to come!