2006-07 Big Game Licence Draw Completed

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Clyde Jackman, Minister of Environment and Conservation, today announced that the 2006 big game draw for moose and caribou licences has been completed. In total 26,340 moose licences and 4,085 caribou licences are available. Caribou quotas, when compared to the 2006-07 Hunting and Trapping Guide, were decreased by 550 additional licences. This decrease was for Caribou Management Area 64 (- 550), as a result of a winter census conducted after the guide was published. Moose quotas remain as identified in the guide with the exception of Moose Management Area 13 which should have read either sex = 175, male only = 175 for a total of 350.

"In total 49,772 applications involving 61,130 hunters were submitted for the big game draw this year," said Minister Jackman. "Another 21,827 hunters submitted applications indicating they only wish to advance their priority status for next year."

"As a result of the draw, 32,486 successful applicants will have the opportunity to participate in the hunt for either moose or caribou in 2006"

Resident hunters can check the government wildlife licensing web site to obtain information regarding draw results and priority status. Notifications have also been mailed to applicants advising them as to whether or not they have been awarded a licence for the 2006-07 big game hunting season. Successful applicants must submit their licence fee online by the end of July 2006 to ensure they receive their licences and tags before the opening of the big game hunting season. Licence fees remitted to the Central Cashiers Office at the Confederation Building will be processed and licences and tags will be issued.

Hunters who have not received a licence notice in the mail can obtain information about the outcome of the draw by checking online https://www.wildlife.gov.nl.ca/ or by calling the Wildlife Division, Corner Brook (709) 637-2025 or St. John's (709) 729-2630. Also, the Department of Natural Resources is available in Gander (709) 256-1460, Corner Brook (709) 637-2409 and Happy Valley-Goose Bay (709) 896-2732.

"I wish all hunters a safe and enjoyable experience this season. Your participation in responsible hunting contributes significantly to the overall success of our wildlife programs and we appreciate your involvement," said Minister Jackman.

The minister reminds hunters that they can also apply and pay for fall black bear and general trapper licences online. Anyone who pays online prior to the end of July will be issued their licence before the opening of the 2006 fall season.