2005 Deer Hunting Prospects

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State Department of Natural Resources officials announced the 2005 Michigan Deer Hunting Prospects report.

The report, compiled and released annually, provides hunters a Wildlife Management Unit analysis of what they can expect from the state deer herd. The assessments in the report are compiled by local DNR biologists based on a variety of biological evaluations including estimated previous winter losses, weather conditions and field observations throughout the year.

Biologists estimate that, weather permitting; the deer harvest will be similar to last year’s estimated harvest of 450,000 deer for the hunting seasons combined. The statewide harvest is expected to include an approximately equal number of antlered and antlerless deer.

The full text of the 2005 Michigan Deer Hunting Prospects is available on the DNR Web site.

Hunters throughout Michigan who plan to travel for hunting opportunities this year are reminded of the state’s continued fight against Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species that destroys ash trees. Hunters can make an important contribution to stop the spread of EAB by leaving firewood at home and purchasing it after reaching their destination. For more information on EAB, please visit www.michigan.gov/eab.