2003 Big Game App Deadline Approaching

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Hunters planning to hunt big game in Colorado this fall need to be aware of the application deadline of April 1 for limited deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, bear and moose licenses. This deadline applies to any hunter wanting to apply for a specific limited big game license or preference point. As usual, there will be over the counter elk and bear licenses available for many areas. These licenses can be purchased from Division of Wildlife (DOW) license agents up until the season that they are valid for starts and at DOW offices after that.

The Colorado Wildlife Commission made several changes to the regulations that will provide additional opportunity for hunters and help manage the state’s growing elk herd. Hunters should study the brochure closely to insure they are taking full advantage of those opportunities. Hunters with questions about changes to the big game regulations should contact the DOW’s customer service center at (303) 297-1192 or through the DOW’s Web site at www.wildlife.state.co.us.

Since work on this year’s big game hunting regulations and guidelines began in January, there are several clarifications and corrections to the 2003 Big Game Brochure that hunters should note:

- - Under the heading “What’s New for 2003” on page 1, Archery Elk should read: Unlimited archery antlerless elk licenses will be available, valid in the same units as unlimited either-sex archery elk licenses. The word “antlerless” was left out of this sentence;

- - In the Deer section of the brochure the hunt code “DM139O1R” was left out. It should have been listed on page 28. Season dates for this Hunt Code are 10/25/03-11/04/03;

- - In the Elk section of the brochure, under the heading “Unlimited Rifle Seasons- New for 2003” it should state: “A total of 2,000 licenses are available for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th seasons in Units 25 and 26. The “4th”season was left out. This error is on page31;

- - On page 38 of the brochure, Hunt Code EE055P4R should include units 55 and 551. Unit 551 was left out of the brochure;

- - The Hunt Code EF003O4R, as listed on page 41, is an invalid Hunt Code;

- - On page 42, GMU 521, hunt code EF52104R, the area description of where the hunt code is valid should read “N of W Muddy Ck. & E of Colo. 133.” The highway is listed as “Colo. 13” in the brochure;

- - On page 44, under the heading Forbes-Trinchera Ranch, the word “doe” should have read “cow.” The description of the drawing pertains to cow elk;

- - In the Antelope section of the brochure, on page 48, the Hunt Codes AM003O1R/AF003O1R listed under GMU 301, should only include GMU 301 and 3. GMU 13 should not be included with this hunt code;

- - In the Bear section of the brochure, on page 49, the dates for GMU 53 are incorrect. The dates listed are for archery season, not muzzleloading season. The correct muzzleloading dates for the Hunt Code BE05301M is Sept. 13-21, 2003;

- - In the “Archery” section, under “New for 2003”, on page 49, the third sentence states “Limited muzzleloading.” It should state “Limited Archery;”

- - The Southwest Region Service Center contact information on page 59 is incorrect; the new phone number is (970) 247-0855;

- - There is a new address for the Southeast Region Service Center. The correct address is 4255 Sinton Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907.

The DOW regrets any inconvenience caused by these oversights.