2002 Big Game Harvest Projection Report Available

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South Dakota’s big game harvest projections from 2002 seasons are now available online at www.state.sd.us/gfp/DivisionWildlife/hunting/Harvest/Projections.htm.

Game, Fish and Parks Game Harvest Survey Coordinator Corey Huxoll said the complete report, which includes unit-specific harvest information, has been completed from survey cards which are mailed to randomly-selected hunters at the conclusion of each season. The report, which summarizes harvest information from all 2002 big game seasons, has been separated into sections to facilitate access by hunters and other interested parties.

"The complete report holds a lot of information, and was initially developed for use only by state game managers," Huxoll said. "It has been developed on an annual basis for quite a few years, but until two years ago, was not published on the web. Since making the report available through the web, we have had a marked increase in requests, indicating that hunters have found the information useful as well."

"There is a lot of effort put into collecting this information, from hunters as well as employees in Game, Fish and Parks," Huxoll noted. "The report certainly could not be produced without the input from literally tens of thousands of hunters. The report provides vital information used by our game managers to make decisions related to setting season regulations as well as evaluating past hunting seasons."