10-Month Investigation Ends with 12 Charges in Deer Poaching Case

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A New Jersey man and two Pennsylvania brothers could face at least $4,000 in fines and suspension of their hunting privileges for allegedly killing deer unlawfully in Iowa last year.

Ronald A Hayek, 36, of Towaco, N.J., was charged with seven counts of making a false claim to obtain resident Iowa licenses, unlawfully taking a deer and attempting to take a deer by unlawful means. He also faces a charge of attempting to take a turkey by unlawful means. Daniel S. Hosaflook, 38, of Verona, Pa., and Donald Hosaflook, 35, of Delmont, Pa., were each charged with unlawfully taking a deer.

State conservation officer Ed Kocal, assigned to Scott County, filed the charges last week following a 10-month investigation.

Hayek allegedly used a Bettendorf address to purchase resident hunting licenses and deer and turkey tags. A check of Iowa's Electronic Licensing System for Iowa records showed in 2004 Hayek purchased resident hunting license and four resident deer tags, three for the bow season and one for the early muzzleloader season. A further check revealed he had also purchased a resident hunting license and turkey tag in 2005. Hayek allegedly killed at least one antlered deer with an illegal license.

Both Hosaflooks allegedly killed antlered deer on a nonresident antlerless only license.

All three men hunted in Monroe County, near Eddyville.

State conservation officers in New Jersey confiscated a shoulder mount from an 11-point deer and skull caps from an 8-pointer and a 10-pointer from Hayek. Pennsylvania authorities confiscated a 10-point shoulder mount from Donald Hosaflook and an 8-point shoulder mount from Daniel Hosaflook.

"We couldn't have made the case without the other states' cooperation," Kocal said.

Hayek was fined $1,488, while the Hosaflooks were each fined $162. Hayek also faces a three year suspension of his hunting privileges, while the Hosaflooks each face one year suspensions. Because Iowa is a member of the Wildlife Violators Compact, any license suspension in Iowa will be honored in the 18 other member states.

If convicted, each man also faces a minimum $4,000 civil fine. Under Iowa's Liquidated Damages law, anyone convicted of illegally killing an antlered deer scoring 150 points or less under the Boone and Crockett club's scoring system shall reimburse the state a minimum of $4,000 and a maximum of $10,000 for each animal. Had the deer scored more than 150, the civil fines range from $10,000 to $20,000.

The criminal charges are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.