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shooting sticks

That's one dandy mule deer!  What impresses me is the size of his body.  I'm guessing that buck goes around 250 or so. 

Another thing I noticed were the shooting sticks.  I had never used shooting stick until I went to Africa.  We were given a quick course on how to use them and then expected to do it.  I had heard horror stories about how guys had to use them and hated it.  I actually found them to be very helpful.  When I got home I bought a mono-pod and did some shooting.  It was better than shooting off hand but still had too much movement.

I picked up a bi-pod and love it.  Other than sometimes being a pain in the butt to carry, it is a wonderful way to remain steady, especially on long shots.  I had my granddaughter use it on her deer and she loved it too.  But then, she didn't know any different.

Congratulations on a great buck.  He will provide a lot of good eating.