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  Ca_Vermonster - great


Ca_Vermonster - great sharing of these pics with the two fighting bucks!  I have never seen two bucks going at it - I have heard them in the woods but never actually seen it.  It had to be pretty cool to be so close.  And that one brute still had the strength to come back and kick some more buck butt!  Awesome!


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Yeah, it would have been

Yeah, it would have been cool, but as I said earlier, I was unfortunately not the one to take the photos.  Interesting that the living one came back after he'd been freed to try and stick the dead one again.

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Wow thats a great bunch of

Wow thats a great bunch of photos. I have seen some bucks fighting before but never with that intensity and enthusiasm. Getting the horns locked though is pretty sad and the outcome is usually pretty tragic. I hate to see when great bucks die this way, far better to go down at the hands of a hunter who can enjoy forever the memories he gave him.

I usually get to watch about one pushing match per year but have yet to catch any photos of it happening.

Thanks for sharing these pictures.

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Ecoroamer, I am sure there is

Ecoroamer, I am sure there is a great story with it, but unfortunately, I don't know it.  I was sent the story 4 or 5 years ago, and I don't know what I did with it.  As you said, the photo themselves tell a story, that is why I posted it.

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Locked Horns

The photos are great, and tell a story by themselves, now if you only had a great written story to go with them this would make a fantastic article.  I hope you can put something together because this is one of those things that people never get to see.

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Those are some pretty sweet

Those are some pretty sweet pics!!!!!

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Pretty cool.

Pretty cool.

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Thanks for sharing,That's really neat.