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zombies--the new exotic?

my son sent me this picture from outside reno.  i wonder if there will be a season with special tags or bag limits?  if so, i want some.  Thumbs up

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I know it's delinquints doing

I know it's delinquints doing this, and it's akin to vandalism, but I have to chuckle when I see these signs. 

There is sort of a cult of hackers that try to do this.  Sometimes they get pretty creative.

Here's a few funny ones....



Heck, just look at this whole site. It's hilarious, especially the funny political stickers they have half way down the page lol



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too much time.

It's called employees having too much time on their hands.  I've been in that situation when I was young. :lol:

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That's cute.  

Zombies are all the rage in the movies and video games lately.  

If you get a chance play "Call of Duty" with someone who has already beat the game.  After you finish the normal game you get a bonus level where you (and an optional second player) defend a boarded up house from hordes of zombies in Nazi uniforms. 

The best part of the game is that you get to use a variety of world war two era weapons against them including a browning automatic machine gun and molatov cocktails! 

The downside of the game is that the zombies just keep getting faster and more bullet resistant on every progressive level until they are strong enough to keep rushing you despite repeatedly getting caught in your handgrenade shrapnel and taking multiple hits from your Thompson submachine gun etcetera.   

There's no way to beat the zombie level, they always end up getting you in the end.  Its just a question of how long it takes.  But it is a ton of fun and a game well worth playing, at least IMHO :) 


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thats great

thats great, hopefully its sitin on i-80 at boomtown so all the californians turn around and go home.  :lol:  .