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Zen-Ray Optics

Hello Folks,

About a year ago, I needed a smaller pair of binos and searched high and low and finally - took a chance and bought a pair of the Zen-Ray 8x43 ED2's.

I have used mostly European glass for the last 10 years and ONLY European binos... and I know this is a Chinese start up company - but I am telling you this binoculars are stunning.

I also lost one of the objective lens covers - sent them an email - and two days later in my mailbox - and new pair of covers.

If you need some glass, you might just want to consider these...

I will say this... these 8x43's are as good (not ALMOST as good) as a pair of 8x40 Conquest's I had a few years ago.

The biggest problem is that you can not go to a store and look at them....


Good luck!

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