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Your state and archery hunting regulations

Here in Montana we have an unlimited antelope archery tag this is state wide and can be purchased over the counter,you can hunt any area in the state and you do not have to draw it.We also have an unlimited archery elk tag for the CMR badlands area where it is next to impossible to draw a rifle elk tag,this area contains some of the biggest bulls in the state and is almost all public lands.Do the states you hunt in or live in grant special access to hard-to-draw tags for archery hunters?How about muzzleloaders?I was telling an out-of-state friend about the statewide antelope tag and he couldnt believe it,these tags are also offered to out-of-state hunters here in MT how bout yours?

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Your state and archery hunting regulations

We don't have the tag system so we only buy licenses. A regular lifetime hunting license which a resident can purchase for $350 will allow you to hunt any private property(w/ permission) and any public property. A $16 per year license is required to hunt wildlife managment areas. Any license covers firearm, muzzleloader, and archery seasons.

our seasons run: Archery Oct 15- Jan 31
Muzzleloader: 5-10 days before gun season- Jan 31
Gun: 3rd thursday of Nov. - Jan 31

Archery-2 deer per day; only 1 antlered
Muzzleloader: 2 deer per day; only 1 antlered
Gun: Varies by county mostly; 2 deer per day; only 1 antlered

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Your state and archery hunting regulations

For Colorado, Most of our really hard to draw units need a lot of Preference Points for Rifle, Bow or Smokepole. Like #201 in N.W. Colorado takes 16 points for Rifle and 12 points for Bow. We have a lot of our best units that will a long time to hit on a tag.
Pronghorns are the same like unit # 3 takes 11 points for Rifle and 5-6 Points with a Bow.
We have a few units, if you take the time to figure it out that you might be able to get a bow tag a lot easier then a rifle tag.