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Your help finding Organizations


Hello! My name is Steve Reid and I am requesting help from other sportsmen and women on the Web. NOTE!! I am NOT asking you for money!!! I am needing assistance in locating organizations or philanthropists whom aid the sporting world.

An accident years ago followed by an accident at work that left me unable to work full time for 6 years has left me………virtually bankrupt.

I had a flourishing deer processing, deer check and taxidermy business just well off the ground but finances did not allow me to keep my residence and enable me to keep it and continue to provide services for the local hunting public.

SPORTSMEN and WOMEN of America…….I’m asking for YOUR help. I am looking for contributors, organizations (government or any other) that help sporting based businesses, financing at good rates, etc. If you have knowledge of ANY services to help me restart a business and receive donations or any other aid, PLEASE email me at [email protected]. (underscore between words).

Included will be an Internet based firearms and archery shop, deer processing, and taxidermy. I am back to work at a dead end job just making ends meet and need an organization that funds these types of businesses to contact me. I have references of all sorts for serious consideration of such aid.

As a long time hunter, fisherman, sportsman, past FFL holder, taxidermist, (trained by world Champion, Joe Meder), and having experience processing over 3000 whitetail, I know I will do well. The closest check-in station is over 20 miles and I don’t even KNOW of a processing shop in our county. The ones out of county are overrun with business.

WHY SHOULD YOU HELP??????? I believe in mankind and know that there IS help available for businesses sporting the recreation created by the great outdoors. YOU can help by simply forwarding this information to any and/or all organizations that you are aware of that may be willing to provide help. Grants are surely available too…….but where does one look????????

And……….as a fellow sportsman, I know you are the type that enjoys sharing with fellow sportsmen and women.

Please contact me, and be thanked then as well as now for helping!
God Bless! Have a Happy Holiday.

Steve Reid
[email protected]