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Wyoming Unit 64

So I am looking through the info for next year. I would like to hunt Antelope in Wyoming. My brother and I would be coming out for a DIY. I am looking at WY state site and Unit 64 is almost all public with what looks like good number of goats. I was wondering if anybody has any inside on this unit or another unit. We are both in good shape and are planning on hiking in and camping, with rifles. We were also looking at some of the private ranches to shoot some does. We don't mind shooting does but with the money we spend to get out there we would really like to shoot a buck as well. Thanks for your time

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Welcome to BGH! I can't help

Welcome to BGH! Thumbs up

I can't help with info on unit 64, but I know somebody will be around soon to post some info for you. Make sure to keep checking the thread as there are several who hunt goats in Wy, just don't know if any hunt 64. Good luck and good hunting.

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Unit 64

I have a CD ROM of Wyoming that I bought through the F&G a number of years ago and it is no longer available to the best of my knowledge.   Although unit 64 is 99% public land it only has an either sex tag available according to last year's pamphlet, so you would have to go to another unit that has doe tags available if you want to shoot them along with a buck.  Those licenses are only around $35 and you can buy more than one.  I have not really heard of anyone packing in like you are talking about for an antelope hunt since most of the antelope are in the more open country where an overnight hiking-type camp isn't necessary.  However, that would be a neat way to get away from the crowds if you find a big enough unit to do it in.  Send me an email at [email protected] if you come up with a place and need more information like access, but I would really study the units closely.  With no PPs you may have to either put the hunt off for several years and buy a PP several years or go to a big area with lots of goats and tons of leftover licenses every year.  Areas like unit 23 and some of the other units between Casper and Gillette are like that and have some public land, but are mostly private land areas where you will pay an access fee to a rancher.