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Wyoming Man Sentenced for Grabbing Antlers....

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Wyoming Man Sentenced for Grabbing Antlers Before Habitat Area Opened

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Wyoming Man Sentenced for Grabbing Antlers....

antler poachers eye roll

I'm against poaching, but lets get this straight antler proaching isn't even in the same class as poaching animals. It is annoying to me that antler collection is now carefully regulated like everything else. It seems to me that if folks want to go collect antlers whenever/wherever and they are not harming the game (and, no, pushing them out of a field or something is not "harm" in my book) who really cares????

Human caused stress can have a severe impact on the mothers as well as the unborn prior to calving.

eye roll


Lets see elk fend off wolves, cougars, bears, coyotes, and disease for centuries, but now a few shed hunters will cause "undue stress". Do these folks not realize how hypocritical it sounds when they turn around and say elk can handle the stress from wolves?

Sometimes laws are made for goofy reasons and then otherwise good folks make up goofy reasons to justify the goofy law, just to avoid the situation where they would actually have to say the law is not right (gasp!).