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Wyoming Antelope Hunting Access

What is the best way to get access to hunt some large pieces of land in Wyoming for antelope.  I have been hunting the same 4 sections of private flat farm land just west of Denver the last few years with no luck and not much enjoyment considering stalking is impossible with the lack of contour of the land.  

Can I also possibly get multiple antelope tags in Wyoming?   Do I drive up there from Denver and start knocking on doors of ranchers?   


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Antelope access

Check out the walk-in areas. There is plenty of public land available. You should be able to find a place to hunt with public land or public access.

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Like Flint said, find some

Like Flint said, find some public land.  If you want to hunt private land, then yes, I would pick and area, then get out and start asking some ranchers for permission.  You'll probably get 50 "No's", but it only takes one "Yes".

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theres more public land then

theres more public land then private in wyoming get some maps of the area you want to hunt

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There is a lot of BLM land in

There is a lot of BLM land in Wyoming. You need to pick an area and then get the BLM map. If you know how to read a map and transfer the land ownership onto the land in front of you, you will be fine. You can go knocking on doors trying to get on to some private land but it is not really necessary. And in a lot of areas you can get more than one doe tag. Get on their game and fish website and start looking into units. Good luck on your search.

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There is a ton of open land

There is a ton of open land in Wyoming for all to hunt, get some maps on an area that you are interested in and I bet you will find plent of BLM land or even the new access program properties.  Yes you can have multiple tags in WY, I had two does tags and my had two doe tags and a buck tag.

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Get on Wyoming's Game and

Get on Wyoming's Game and Fish website and put in for permission to hunt the Game Management Areas that are posted in the area you got drawn for. They are free but if you don't get the permission slip you WILL be ticketed. There are LOTS of areas enrolled in the program but unfortunately, next year I have been told there will be fewer. Out of state hunting clubs are bombarding ranchers with offers of rediculous amounts of money to lease their properties so some are removing their land from the program. Personally, I welcome our current "depression" because if nothing else it wiill slow down this attack on the hunting rights of the poor man who wants to feed his family and sportsmen that can't afford these high dollar club memberships.