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Wyoming antelope area 7 warning

Hunters Beware of antelope area 7 this coming year. The hunters we had staying with us never killed an animal in that area this year. It's been blamed on a killer hail storm that went thru there last summer and really killed a large part of the herd. The hunters we had that hunted areas 3 and 4 all took there animals.

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That must have been one massive hail storm.  What??

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I hunted Unit 7 this year and

I hunted Unit 7 this year and had over five herds of antelope within a mile on opening morning.  Two herds with in two hundred yards and none of the bucks were larger than twice the size of their ears.  So I passed, but ran across numerous other herds though the day.  The second day I was sitting by a watering hole for six hours and I watched over 100 antelope come and go in the surounding area.  The thing I noticed during that time period, everytime a truck would come go by, the antelope would move down into a ditch as soon as they heard the truck.  As soon as they were gone the antelope move back out and start moving around again.  The third day I shot my antelope with:thumbsup1:  horns that were 13 3/4 inches and scored around 70 points.  Not to bad for my first antelope.  People just have to get out and do some walking and you will get your animal. Thumbs up

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You got it!  I was on another

You got it!  I was on another BB and every person that talked about hunting unit 7 last year all said the same thing.  They got off the roads and every one in all their parties filled their tags.  I was up through that unit right at the end of the October season last year heading for a pheasant hunt in North Dakota and there were antelope all over the place!