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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

Wuts your favorite rifle cartride and why do you like it? mine would have to be the 30.06.

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

Boy did you light a fuse here. Yes

I would have to say my favorite calibre is the .303 British. Not because it is the best at anything but because it has a special spot in my hunting life and has been a true companion on many successful hunts.

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

I'd say mine is also the 30-06, although I am torn between that and the 243.

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

Oh boy....so many calibres, so little time....

I shoot .308 exclusively for big game and love it.

I also have an ornamental 30/30 that I love to shoot, but would never even consider hunting with it - too much shiny brass.

I have an obsession with .243's can't explain it - I just love 'em.

Then there's a whole long list of ones I'm dying to try:

11mm (?) Mauser (pre-WW1 German infantry rifle) that my uncle owns

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

The .270 flat shooting and enough power for deer and everything else around here. I'm going to go hide from the 270 haters now!

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

even though I dont have one it is the .308. I shot one years ago and fell in love with it but never found it to be necessary to own one when I already have a .243 and 7mm

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

Very difficult to pick one......................................

I will have to pick the .257 "Bob"

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

Right now my favorite is the new kimber 84m I got in 7mm-08 What a nice gun. I took it to the range to zeroe it and it was a nice shooter. Dialed it in shooting a couple nice groups at 3" high at 100yds. No, I didnt do no stinkin barrell break-in. Then last weekend, I took it out to the open country that I deer hunt in and shot it at 200 and 300 yards with a leupold 100yd target. All I can say is WOW!! At 300 yards I had to hold the cross hairs at the upper third of the target, but managed to shoot about a 4 inch group which I can live with at 300 Yards. I was impressed with the way this gun performed at all the yardages. For 5.5 LB gun it shoots incredibly well. I think next year I may buy it's twin in 308 for my elk hunting. These guns are everything they are advertised to be and a bargain for $815.00 bucks!! Though light, the recoil is mitigated by the straight style stock and the pachmeyer decelerator recoil pad.

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

Partial to the proven 30-06, which suits the needs of myself and the majority of hunters out there. This isn't to say that there are not other capable calibers out there - just that the ol' '06 is hard to beat for an all-around caliber.

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

I would have to say I like my .338 the best...little big for deer but with the right bullets and powder it can be great for biggger deer! As always a great elk gun,.

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

270 Winchester