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Hi everyone. I am a new member to the forum. I am new to forums in general. My oldest daughter decided it was time Dad learned how to use the internet ( gving away my old age here ).

I do have a piar of nvg's for sale. These are 3rd gen and they do include the unit plus tons of accessories. I have the 3x scope, the bag, extra batteries and lenese, and head and helmet mount.

I took these in trade a little while back and well I honestly have no use for them now. The tube inside the unit is brand new and has less than 10 minutes worth of total time on it.

I was diagnosed with copd a few months back and I just can't get out there and hunt like I use to. Hence of one the reasons my daughter wanted me to learn how to use sites like this. I would much rather see someone get some good use out of these rather than them rot away in my safe.

As far as price was I am open to offers. I did do a little lookinga round and it seems most people ask around 2500 for just the units without everything I am including. I would like to take my grandchildren on a little vacation before my health gets to bad for me to. So that is what the sell of these will be used for.

I can send photos I am not quite sure how you put them on here, again I am new at all this stuff and learning as I go so please excuse me if I make any mistakes. I will try my best to answer all questions.

If you are close to me , you  are more than welcome to come look at them. For others I will give as much detail as you need.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post